The first time I heard that sentence, I was studying my Master of Transformative Coaching. It impressed me so much, and I needed to know more about it. That’s why I decided to become an expert in Marriage guidance.

 The only way that human beings can evolve is by going through relationships. 

The relationship with others is a reflex of the relationship with yourself.

Those relationships will let you work out your confidence, self-esteem, boundaries, self-respect, etc. 

As I mentioned earlier, the outside is the mirror of what’s happening inside. 

When you feel everything is falling apart, and your friends, family, boss, or even your partner don’t understand you, don’t listen to you, won’t respect you, take you for granted or take advantage of you, it’s the right time to stop to check how you talk, treat and respect yourself. 

Your social, professional and love life will change only when you start working on the relationship with yourself and I know that it might change what you are scared of, as you think that your close ones are going to leave you. 

Don’t allow yourself to think of that. It’s only in your mind, so don’t believe it. 

The only love, respect and approval that you need is only what you give to yourself. 

Stop chasing others and love yourself, please. 

You are the number one priority. ➰💙❤️➰