Beatriz Soria Hurtado

Psychotherapist, Transformative Coach & Tethahealing practitioner

It is nice to need help to blossom.

My Story

I am extremely passionate about the human development and transformation.

There is nothing that I cannot share with you that I did not experience myself:

I was a victim of bullying as a child ; I felt lonely, I made many mistakes, I haven´t loved myself enough, I let others choose for me, I´ve been unhappy and so on.

Despite that, I always felt that everything that happened to me prepared me to be the person that I am today.

That is why I am doing what I love most, which is sharing with you all the knowledge, experience and wisdom that I have gained so far, because apart from all of the psychotherapist techniques I have been studying, life is an everlasting, learning experience.

That is precisely what my therapy consists of, making the learning path much more easier and peaceful for you.

I studied a psychologist degree of in Madrid, however, my studies were not enough to help people live a whole life in the present moment, when everything happens and where people can be happy and have the freedom to choose the best for themselves. I then studied the Master of Executive and Team Coaching.

The Executive and Team Coaching gave me a holistic vision of the human being as a mix of language, body and emotion and this is one of the keys to supporting people during their transformation path.

I took away from this many tools to work with people as an holistic system, and after that, I became a marriage support guide.

Since 2015 I started to get into the spiritual field with my studies about energetic science and meditation. Two years ago, I started studying the unconscious mind through my Tethahealing courses in London.

 I am currently working as a Psychotherapist, Transformative Coach & Tethahealing practitioner.

My Education & Background

BSC in Psychology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Business & life Transformative Coach PCC certified by ICF

Transformation & Positive change by abundance through ThetaHealing®.

I started in the recruitment field and worked as a recruitment specialist, I then gained my certification as a Coach. After that, I moved into training and development until I became a human resources director within the retail, sales and hospitality sector.

I am an expert in executive director and manager development: leadership, communication skills, team management, change management, time management and high-performance teams development.

Furthermore, I have been working as a psychotherapist, coach, and Tethahealing practitioner for the last 12 years. I support people within the therapeutist and transformation process, in their personal and professional lives.

I have lived in various countries in Europe and I am currently living in the UK, where I keep developing as a professional in the training and development field in the mental health sector.