My Method

Beatriz Soria Hurtado

My job consists of supporting people in their transformation process. If you need a change in your life, something deep down tells you that “this is not the way,” and you have no idea how to start it; you should use your intuition because the fact that you are here reading these words is not a coincidence.

My primary skill is detecting blocks such as limiting beliefs and negative emotions, which stop you from growing in your evolution and development process.

I´ll help you to realise this and put into practice all the strength you have got for you to be able to face those blocking situations or those experiences that make you anxious, uncertain and overwhelmed.

The therapeutic process will also give you some tools from different psychologist theories. You will be working on those that most fit your needs, personality, and way to integrate the information.

In addition, you will learn to get to know yourself better and live your life more effortlessly and genuinely. You will only get to know and understand others when you know and understand yourself first.

It will be a unique and challenging journey, where you are the experience.

 You will show yourself how much potential you were ignoring, how far you can come on your own and how much your life will change when you start to love, respect and look after yourself.

The therapy will work from the beginning because the strong base of my method is you running your life with accountability and freedom to make the decisions you want.

From the very first session, I will check your progress and well-being.

You can choose the frequency of the sessions that suits you.

The journey will begin from when we finish our initial session and then you can go and deal with your daily life, putting into practise all the knowledge, wisdom and awareness that you have taken away.


Fully insured for the practicing of psychotherapy, coaching and thethahealing.