Sometimes we experience how some negative thoughts suddenly appear to leave the message that something terrible might happen to us or our loved ones. 

We all think that it is an issue about FEAR, but it is always an issue about TRUST. 

It is a lack of trust, an issue about trusting life, caused by a lack of believing in ourselves. 

You might be surprised because of it, but yes, this is like that, as proof of how powerful it is to trust in yourself.

One of the best ways to work on the lack of trusting ourselves is by focusing on making decisions:

  • Do you like making decisions? 
  • Do you feel confident when you make decisions? 
  • Are you scared to make mistakes when you are going to make a decision? 

If you don’t like making decisions, don’t feel confident when you make them, and are scared to make mistakes, this means that you do not trust yourself enough and then you cannot trust life.

I invite you to practice this exercise to improve your skill of making decisions. 

It will help you to trust yourself and then to trust this beautiful life. 

☑️Pay attention to any single decision that you should make and ask yourself, why you do not make it and even ask others to make it for you. 

☑️ Decide without fear. Make all the decisions you want to make, even the smallest ones. 

☑️When you make it, ask yourself what is best for you and what you genuinly wish to do. Carry on like that for three weeks until you integrate the habit of making decisions, and then you will feel more and more confident. 

By practising this exercise, you will increase your level of trust in yourself and then in life. 

The key is to pay attention to YOURSELF, treat yourself kindly and respect your desires and dreams. Only then will you be able to make the change happen.

I am looking forward to reading about your experience.

Please share below


Lot of love and freedom for you all ➰💙❤️➰