Family and Social


Family and marriage can be threatened from a systemic perspective, which means a system is more than the sum of all its parts.

Effective communication is the key to all family and marriage systems running smoothly.

The psychotherapist process consists of: 


Analysing how the system works and the role it has to play

Evaluating the roles functionality into the family or marriage system

Deep dive into the roles and emotions and making these safe and comfortable from within the relationship

Working with each member on the parts function

Communication skills training, empathy and decision making

Designing new agreements to build a nourishing environment within the relationship

Encouraging, monitoring and applying the correct tools which deal with the process

Implementing and reviewing actions to ensure this new co-existence

Equipping the system with autonomy and inter-dependency, to ensure healthy and functional relationships within it

1 hour session: £80

The relationship with others is a reflex of the relationship with yourself”