Eva Gonzalez Martin

“I Found Beatriz in one of my darkest moment, I was having panics attacks whole day, my levels of anxiety were so high that I could not sleep 3 hours straight. I couldn’t see how I will overcome all my problems until one day I prayed for god’s help and checking my fb I saw Beatriz’s advertisement. It was like a revelation and since I did not have much to lose I contacted asking for help. It was the best decision I could have take not only has helped me to control my anxiety, reducing my fears but also it help me to centred my life and re gain the control of it.

The best of it is that is not only conventional therapy but also she does use unusual technique’s which it makes more interesting and different every session.  I Am definitely recommend  her not just if you are in your worst but also if you are a bit lost and you want to find yourself. “

Franchesca O

“I contacted Beatriz with the desire of improving my communication skills. My expectations have been exceeded thanks to Beatriz unique method which unites therapy, coaching and tethahealing that has changed not only my life but my physical and mental health.

It has been a nourishing process of self-knowledge and acceptance. I am a more assertive person, and I can focus on my communication goal allowing the self-doubt and frustrations go. Undoubtedly, the tools provided by the combined methods are useful in many other fields.

I am thankful for the professionalism, dedication, knowledge and commitment Beatriz has shown. Beatriz has been pure inspiration and the engine of change in my life!”


“I met Bea thanks to a good friend that recommended her to me.

I had tried going to other psychologists before, but I couldn’t connect deeply with them or it wasn’t the right type of therapy I needed back then.

It’s a pleasure to work with Bea, she makes me feel very comfortable. I feel I have grown in many areas that before I was not even aware I could do and now it’s me who recommends her to my friends.”