Mentoring and training for entrepreneurs

Assessment and coaching for people who want to change their careers

Empowerment and action planning for people who want to work on their soul purpose



My service has been designed to support, mentor and empower professionals who want to change their career path or launch a new business.

The supporting process consists of:


Applying the SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) method to define the goal

Designing a strategic plan

Analysis of potential external services and their costs to ensure the project availability

Working in-depth with the client to make the self-concept stronger by increasing self-knowledge and detecting the strengths

Identifying and dealing with the limiting beliefs as a cause of the procrastination or giving up

Re-programing the unconscious tendencies, which provoke the resistance to take the first steps; such as fear of success, over control, poverty consciousness

Strategic planning after the transformational process

Support with launching a new business

Project coaching and mentoring in developing continued improvement and resilience

1 hour session: £75

5 sessions Package: £350 

All the good things that will happen to you are beyond your fear.”