I would like to share my story with you, as it may help those of you who have been through a similar situation.

I have just completed my first Tethahealing session in English this week with an English woman who needed some help with her anxiety issues. 

If someone had told me three years ago that I would have been in this situation now, I would not believe them back then; I did not believe in myself.

I spent my entire life showing others how much value I had, but I let others decide for me because I didn’t have enough courage to choose what I wanted for myself

I did not believe that I was destined to do what I really wanted to do and what would make me happy and whole.

I surrounded myself by noise; I avoided listening to my heart and what was really important. I became very frustrated. 

I believed I wasn’t young enough; I thought I left it too late in life and wouldn’t have enough patience or discipline to achieve my goals.

That’s why I didn’t believe that I could accomplish my dream of helping others transform their life by transferring all the knowledge, wisdom, and love from my studies and personal experiences, which allowed me to change my life. 

I was furious all the time; I spent my days blaming my partners, my managers, my friends and my family because they didn’t value me, without being aware that the only person who didn’t give value to me was me. 

I was even miserable and sad. I didn’t like my life at all. And that made me treat myself with a lot of violence. 

I couldn’t appreciate the beauty around me. Everything seemed hostile and dark. 

All of that has changed now. I let go of all that didn’t serve me. I’ve conquered the caring, the respect and the forgiveness that I needed to give myself peace and with others. 

And then, since that moment, life started giving me back all the love and determination that I decided to share with it. 

And 3 years later,  here I am in a new and exciting chapter of my life. 

I’m the master of my life, making my decisions, making mistakes, taking the lessons away from them, and telling you all that I also needed help to change what I didn’t like at all. 

And the best thing about that is; that people’s opinions and judgements don’t affect my self-esteem anymore. 

That is what I wanted to share with you all. And yes, it’s possible and doable. Furthermore, it’s so much easier than you think. 

All that you need is loving yourself and being brave enough to look at your dark side. And suddenly, the universe will support you to change it.

But, it’s only you who has to make the decision. 

If you decide on becoming the best version of yourself and overcoming all the anxiety and depression that you’ve been suffering so far, I can help you because yes, IT IS POSSIBLE ➰💙❤️➰