Are you the master of your life, or are you letting others master it for you? 

The info below is going to help you to realise that. 

The best news for you is that you can change the situation, and it’s still the right time to become a chooser. 

The only thing that you need is to compromise yourself to start the journey to yourself. 

I’d love to help you to go through this path, which would be the most beautiful journey you have taken so far ➰💙❤️➰

Beatriz Soria 

Psychotherapist, Transformative Coach & Tethahealing practitioner.

Being the chooser is: 

• Having loads of energy to deal with your daily life.

• Speaking out, no matter what others think about you. 

• Aiming for your own goals. 

• Liking yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror 

• Deciding to change what you don’t like about yourself.

• Waiting for the next chapter with hope. 

Letting others choose your way to live is: 

• Lacking the energy to deal with your daily life.

• Not telling others what you think to avoid rejection.

• Thinking constantly if others will approve of your new goals.

• Not liking yourself.

• Not having an idea of how to start healing yourself. 

• Being scared about the future.