My point of view regarding mental health is all about understanding that anxiety, depression, resentment, overwhelming, couple conflicts, etc. are not the problem, but the manifestation of the subconscious program. 

So what is a subconscious program? 

A subconscious program is a set of beliefs which can be historical, learned or picked up from the media, environment, culture or religion. 

These programs transfer into behavioural tendencies or patterns, mostly limiting because the mind is always trying to protect us from our deepest fears.

The patterns are not healthy and accurate, even though they try to protect us, they can take us to a blocking situation, and these situations are precisely the anxiety, depression, resentment, overwhelming, couple conflicts, which I mentioned before. 

I suggest that everyone who starts feeling those symptoms or is unhappy and uncomfortable with their relationships, job or environment, should think about this blocking fear and dig deeper into their program to realize the actual problem. 

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