These two strengths are Love ♥️ and Fear 👻

LOVE is all about being compassionate with ourselves and others, understanding people who even hurt ourselves, not blaming others for what happens to us, not taking control, manipulating or changing others. Furthermore, focusing on ourselves to change what we do not like about our lives, accepting our mistakes, being honest with ourselves and others, being open to new challenges, being unwell, asking for help, making errors, and feeling vulnerable. 

FEAR is about being aggressive to ourselves and others, self-demanding without kindness, blaming everyone and everything for what happens to us. In addition, taking control of others, manipulating them, trying to change them to please us, not accepting our mistakes, lying to ourselves and others, keeping ourselves in the comfort zone, hiding our bad days, pretending to be ok or hiding vulnerability. 

I work with my clients on these two strengths, which is a lovely and meaningful process. It consists of transforming the power of fear into LOVE because healing can only happen from love and never from fear. 

 I teach them to forgive themselves, change the guilty perspective into a compassionate one, and become more empathetic and understanding. 

I also teach them to see themselves like perfect beings who can learn to deal with new challenges, let them fail and get a kinder way to treat themselves and change the negative perspective when they look back at their past. 

They learn to take time to face their problems and ask for help when it is needed. 

They also work on the language and how they talk to themselves because as they say, “We are like we speak”, then language is one of the keys to working on the self-concept most kindly. 

And then, once they can see life from this loving perspective, I work on the limiting beliefs which stop them from being free and happy. 

These two methods together have the power to give my clients the tools to live a better, quieter and whole life and even to live with more awareness.

If you are not happy with your life or the decisions you are making to face it, you can contact me to talk about my therapy, method, and background.